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Client Testimonials

Karen B.

Why do I arise @ 5:30 a.m.? The workouts are effective and they are fun.

Lori Rede has been the not-so-secret ingredient to my success. She is a knowledgeable, experienced and motivating trainer. I trained with her for more than six years in her spinning classes beginning in 2000. She has helped me condition for the most challenging bike tours I have taken. And while I'd like to say I could do it on my own, in truth, I don't think I know enough or would stay as motivated. Most recently I went to Lori with some aches, pains and stiffness. She customized a flexibility routine I have been doing for three months. It has made a HUGE difference in my athletic performance.

At this point, I am not only doing regular personal training with her but I taking her circuit training classes in the early mornings.

Mary S.

Moving Parts has become a part of my life for the last seven months. Once a week Lori Rede challenges me physically and keeps me motivated for the next workout. Her expertise and knowledge of body mechanics ensures that progression in weight-bearing exercises is done properly and safely, minimizing any chance of injury. Most of all she makes it fun. I look forward to each weekly session. The reward comes in feeling strong, fit, and energized, and being ready to achieve my own goals as a runner. Thank you, Lori.

Nancy S.

Working with Lori is the best thing I have done for myself since retiring. Maintaining a fit, healthy body has made an immense difference to me and to my husband.

Laurie G.

I have been involved with MOVING PARTS personal fitness for the past year, and have thoroughly enjoyed the training workouts and most important have enjoyed the great results. I feel strong, toned and highly motivated to incorporate the training I've received into my home routine to maintain the improved fitness level Lori Rede has helped me achieve.

When I first began my program, working with weights and core strength was new to me. Lori's training style, her fitness expertise, and her concern for my individual goals was exactly what I was looking for. I started with 2 personal training workouts a week for the first few 12 class sessions. I now go once a week for continued coaching and maintenance. I was very happy with the safe pace and encouragement I got right from the start. Lori had me keep a home workout diary and a food diary so she could give me feedback on what changes would help gain the results I was looking for. It made a world of difference to me, having my program so personalized and closely monitored and Lori offered several helpful suggestions for effective changes that got "noticed" results.

Lori has been very accommodating to make our workout sessions fit into busy and changing schedules. I would highly recommend MOVING PARTS to anyone looking to begin a new fitness program, or looking to enhance a routine they already have in place. It's been a real treat to have the professional guidance, personal attention and friendship from Lori, and a great place to get fit and stay healthy!